NJ Botanical Gardens Engagement - Scarlett & Sean

Over the summer, we had the please of taking Scarlett & Sean’s engagement photos at the NJ Botanical Gardens. Even though the breeze was cool with rain threatening each minute, the session was fun from the beginning. The bride and groom-to-be, were both full of energy and ideas. They took the overcast day head-on. Towards the end when the misty rain turned to drizzles, Scarlett was prepared with her umbrella! Her vintage style was a match made in heaven with the New Jersey Botanical Gardens. Look below for NJ Botantical Gardens engagement photo inspiration.

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It all started with Match.com and two ready-for-love kids...
— Scarlett
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How he proposed, as told by Scarlett:

It all started with Match.com and two ready-for-love kids that happened to live a mile away from each other and caught each others' eyes. A year later, on a chilly April day, Sean and Scarlett were heading to Wildwood for a mini weekend getaway. A sentimental spot for both of them, it was the perfect location for a surprise engagement. Not only did Sean and Scarlett both vacation in Wildwood growing up - it was their first trip together as a couple, too. So there on the beach, at the spot where Sean's grandparents ashes were spread, with Scarlett's family looking on from the car, he took out a picture of her dad and got on one knee and proposed with her great-grandmother's ring. He had a plan - he unraveled himself from multiple sports jerseys (and a wrestling shirt!) to pay homage to all his favorites (that he wore in the car for the entire 2+ hour ride without anyone noticing!) He talked about his love for each and how Scarlett completed his list of things to love. Laughing and talking through the whole thing, they knew it was meant to be. 

Rewind a few months, to their brand new/old house that helped them fall in love even more. A cultivated, curated garden & patio was the "magical element" that Scarlett was seeking as they searched for homes together. This was the one. Their newfound task of amateur gardening became a recurring highlight everyday. The garden is full of surprises - sprouts and flowers everyday - and a symbol of all-things-new. The New Jersey Botanical Garden was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session to celebrate the start of their official life together.